More Than Just A Game

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Ever stayed up late night to watch a good game of cricket or football , and reached late for the next day’s meeting at work? Ever cried your poor heart out secretly in the crapper when Sachin missed that century, or Van Persie that sitter? Ever had your jaw drop when your folks or the missus say  “Not sports again! Change the channel, “DDLJ is on SETMAX!! ” We know what it feels like.
We at MTJAG take immense pride in providing pointless analysis, meaningless and often biased opinions, polished turds camouflaged with interlectual wisdom.  MTJAG aims to be the rehab for the sports addict, but in truth, we want to provide the cocaine for your pain.  Because , everyone knows it’s More Than Just a Game. ( we didn’t intend it to rhyme).

The Tormentors

Sujith aka Freekicker : Sujith, in many ways, is the quintessential arse (by that , we mean an arsenal fan). Whether it’s campaigning for the beautiful game, or professing his undying love for “The Professor”, Sujith is often found lurking at the forefront. This unhealthy love for the gunners has affected his life in a big way. He usually wears a  “Cesc” jersey in high profile meetings ,  and to make matters worse, he also openly advocates the freshers in his company to take over the CxO positions .  His idea of a perfect honeymoon is to stalk Van Persie all day, and once he’s tired, sleep in the bathrooms of the Emirates Stadium.

Vicky aka TheVickerman: Vicky, cofounder of MTJAG is from Bangalore who hopes to see Argentina win a world cup again in his lifetime. He spends a good part of his life reading/researching on Argentinian football and even speaking to Argentinian friends!!! On weekends he supports Liverpool (though he hates Rafa), as he has been doing for almost the past 2 decades during the downs(wrt the EPL), waiting for an up. And he thinks Gerrard and Torres will get them there.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Guys, this is super! Way to go 🙂 Just wondering how much time will this blog take out of your (and in a sense our) daily lives!!

  2. Finally got to see this after Freekicker let me know, rightly mentioned the analysis is pointless, but the presentation is refreshing – All the Best!!!

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