Well, this just sucks massive donkey balls.

Suarez has gotten injured during training sessions with Uruguay, reportedly twisting his knee and incurring meniscus damage.

Enough doc talk, but does that even mean, you ask? Well, meniscus are some form of fibro-cartilage strips that we have in our knees, which can get damaged or ruptured. That’s what our Luisato has  right now.


Well, the conservative treatment through physical therapy is out, unless Uruguay is looking at getting Suarez ready for the next Copa America.  Surgery is probably the route taken, with an option to remove some of the torn meniscus tissues and allowing the knee to function without them.  Of course, all this depends on the extent to which his meniscus is damaged and the call the docs take.  Recovery time has been stated to be anything from 15 days to about  4-5 months in the worst cases!


What options do Uruguay and Tabarez have?  I’m guessing that Suarez will still be included in the final squad. He is an emotional leader for the team, and his sheer presence alone should give them a lift.

If Uruguay take the field without Suarez, I’d imagine that they’d deploy Cavani as the lone striker up front.   He’d play in front of  Gason Ramirez (Southampton), Cristian Rodriguez (Atletico Madrid), and Stuani (Espanyol) could be drafted in, giving them the verve and industry they need going forward. The other option is to bring in the old warhorse, Forlan.  Something tells me though that  he’d want more energy and work-rate in a group with England and Uruguay.

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