Lasith Malinga-  Toe Crushers Inc
Lasith Malinga- Toe Crushers Inc

Fact #1 : Lasith’s first words as a toddler was not “Mommy” . It was,  “Who’s your Daddy.”

Fact #2:  Lasith grew up in a village where every other child grew up on crutches. He friggin yorked them all.

Fact #3: There was one child though who feigned a leg injury. Lasith ate him. Alive.

Fact #4: Contrary to popular belief , Lasith does NOT have a foot fetish. He just hates toes.

Fact #5: Lasith once went 2 games without ever taking a single wicket with a toe-crushing yorker. He then destroyed that damn  Playstation 3 box.

Fact #6: Lasith was actually fit for the first 2 WC games for Sri Lanka. The team supervisor misplaced the keys for Lasith’s cage. Gunatunga , the team supervisor, will be missed.

Fact #7: Lasith once bowled a bouncer.  No really.  The ball bounced , dipped back into the batsman’s toes and crushed it, planting the batsman’s feet permanently into the pitch.  He can still be spotted on the field near Gale.

Fact #8: Lasith actually used to date a middle stump in high school, which could explain his desire to “smack ’em” every time he sees one.

What an insane performance against kenya!