Quick Overview

By default , 1 of these teams are finally going to come off their losing streak.  Both teams have some serious bowling issues.  In addition to that, DD have some batting worries too,  with none of their big guns – Gilly, Gibbs, Symmo being consistent enough.


RR: 2/5

Well , Tait did briefly find his form before the Chennai debacle took place where he registered a dismal bowling performance without providing any breakthroughs. However, it was a high scoring game, and perhaps O’Taito and the rest of the team can be forgiven for the same.  The inclusion of Watson gives them another option, and the 3 Aussies are expected manage their quotas. The remaining 8-10 overs will be shared by Pathan, Narwal and Trivedi , who’ll probably come in for Wagh.

1 change – Siddharth Trivedi in for Wagh

DC: 2/5

It absolutely shocks me that Gilly continued to pick other bowlers such as Roach over the in-form Vaas. Not the best way to repay a player who was your best bowler for the first 4-5 games!  With Roach and Harris being absolute fodder , we should see Vaas back in to the line up. DC struggle a lot during the end overs, which was quite blatantly obvious in the last game when Rayudu took them to school after they had such a great start.  Ohja and Sharma , the 2 spinners, have been good, and  it might make sense to get RP singh in for Jaskaran Singh , and place their bets on some experience. RP , Vaas, Rahul Sharma, and Ohja provide the team 4 legitimate options, with Rohit, Symmo pitching in for the remaining 4-6 overs.


RR: 3/5

RR actually represented themselves pretty well in the CSK game, with Naman Ohja coming good against the CSK team for the 2nd time. Ohja and Lumb have given them fairly good starts for a few games now, and this should continue. The inclusion of Watson is an absolute boon for the RR team, and will take pressure of Yusuf, and give them 2 trump cards to toy around with.  It’s Fazal and JJwala who have to get back into some groove again.

DC: 1.5/5

When you have Gilly, Gibbs, Symmo in the same line-up, you expect fire works, and not fart art.  It is fair to say that  they sure have stunk up the joint so far, relatively speaking.  To add to their woes,  the Indian contingent of Rohit, Suman, Mishra, Laxman, Teja and whoever else they seem to be trying haven’t gotten consistent scores either. The whole line up is quite a mess, and really, it’s up to Gilchrist to set a tempo and stay put for 10 overs. Surely that cannot be expecting too much from this lot.  I would really think they should try out Dwyane Smith for Gibbs, which would add a bowling option too.

I’ll take a chance and say Smith in for Gibbsy, and I’d also say get Venugopal Rao in for Suman.


DC bowling vs RR batting: Slight Advantage RR

Going by form, Ohja, Lumb, Watson, Pathan should get the better of the weaker DC bowling attack.  Which is why DC needs to use Vaas and all of his experience for 2 overs up front to break up the opening partnership. They will need Vaas for 2 overs from 16-20 too, and let him show the team how bowling at the death is done.  Open with another spinner, I’d say Ohja along with Vaas. use RP to attempt to bounce Yusuf and Rahul Sharma to unsettle Watson.
RR  should continue with their strategy , except that they should opt for Watson before Pathan and ease the pressure off the Yusufman a little. Fazal and JJwala need to get it going again.

DC batting vs RR bowling: Slight Advantage RR

With DC’s batting in such piss poor form, it’s time for Gilly to make some amends. He should bat along with Laxman , and hope that laxman does what some of the other senior citizens of T20 have been doing – provide some support. He needs to set the tone , and upon his dismissal, get Rao or Smith in to change the pace of the game some more. Get Rohit Sharma in at 2 down and allow him to get himself in a bit. Symmo to follow and go mad.
RR should open with Yusuf and Tait. The combination of speed and er… guile can unsettle the best – and Gilly’s wicket will once again be crucial for Dc’s downfall. Warne to handle his old friend Symmo at the middle.


I think RR arrests their skid.