With the first legs of the quarter finals stage in the Champions League getting over, let’s look at how things stand.

Manchester United vs Bayern Munich

Surprise surprise! Bayern actually grew a pair and beat Man-U, but Man-U did get the crucial away goal, and that too, within the first 2 minutes!  Rooney seems to determined to score that the rowdy deflected one onto his own net out too, giving Bayern 1 of the much-needed goals.

Bayern , to their credit, played fairly well. Ribery was  fairly sharp, as he was expected to be, but more is required out of him in the away leg.  I fear that  a 1 goal might not be enough going into the return leg next week.

Rooney went down with an injury, and so far , and the birdies are chirping that he might be out for 4 weeks!  But don’t be surprised if Fergie says  that he had gotten a special voodoo medicine from the jungles of amazon, which includes 2 drops of anaconda blood, 1 tsp of unicorn stool and a whole lot of radiation, which magically cured Roonster and get him back on field for Bayern.

Man-U , despite having a poor record against Bayern and possibly not having Rooney, is going to win this at home.

Lyon vs Bordeaux

Lisandro Lopez got 2 for the home team, which carries a healthy 2 goal lead going leg 2 against Bordeaux.  Unfortunately, Lopez also got himself carded, and that means securing a nice warm seat in the dug-out instead of the pitch.  Govou is out to, but if Lyon can play a defensive game, they can come out of Bordeaux with minimal destruction. I believe they will.

Inter vs CSKA Moskow

Getting a 1-0 win against CSKA at home isn’t the greatest of results for Inter, considering the very difficult away leg.  CSKA did lose 1-0 to Man-U at home in the group stages, and drew with Seville in the round of 16, but I think they’ll buck up and put in a stronger performance at this end of the competition. The Special One has his work cut out, and a lot is going to depend on Milito. It’s going to be a very tough game where CSKA focuses on taking the Inter midfield out of the game. Milito is going to get very little chances, and he has to convert the 1-2 that he gets. It’s a tall ask but Milito has the class and form.   I think this one might go down to the penalties.

Arsenal vs Barcelona

A cracker of a game with a 2-2 result, at the end of it. It was Barcelona’s collective skills versus Fabregas’s fighting spirit. Unfortunately, Fab finds himself ineligible to play the 2nd leg. Ashravin looked completely out of sorts, and Arsenal cannot afford a second turd show from him next week. Bendtner was good, and Clichy was great, but it’s Nou Camp time next week, and things change a bit. Arsenal will have to pull out all their stops and then some to win this, after conceding 2 at home.

Barca, on the other hand, might feel a little let down with their defensive performance after getting a 2-goal lead away.  This leaves Arsenal with a pretty big window to get back ,especially with Puyol and Pique missing.    If Ashravin finds his feet in the 2nd leg, this could spell disaster. Messi needs to have a better game than what he did at Nou Camp, and with Ibra returning to sparkling form, Arsenal might be forced to give Leo less attention and more space.

We’ll preview the big games next week!