On the 27th Of March, 2010,  a miracle took place when Kolkata Knight Riders played the Kings XI Punjab. God made an appearance.Ajit Agarkar made his presence felt, and everyone in the stadium and the millions watching surely had an encounter with greatness.

It is of no secret that we at MTJAG are Bhakts of Agarkar and Jogi Time.   To a casual observer/reader, this might seem like a frivolous observation.  “Surely you must be joking , Mr.MTJAGs!”, you might claim. But we are not.

We have done our research, oh yeah. Extensive one at that, and here are our findings.  Read . Absorb. Pray.

The Actual Theory Of Evolution
The Actual Theory Of Evolution

This explains a lot.  Agarkar is not human to start with. To classify him as a homosapian is a biological, genetic and absolute crime.  He is what we will eventually become.   Not us though.  Maybe generations down the line, if our great great great great great great …great..great….great grandchildren are lucky, they might achieve Agarkararian. Our correspondents are closely waiting for stool and urine samples of the aforementioned for a more detailed study.

Now, onto a closer look of what the specimen.

Specimen in Study : Agarkararains
Specimen in Study : Agarkararains

The above picture gives us a greater detail of the decided advantage that this specimen holds over the current breed of homosapians. Notice the Flapped Ears and Cranial activities , which are astoundingly far more developed than humans. Scientists at MTJAG research have concluded that more often than not, if Agrakararians are involved, the game is over even before it begins.

We have 1 more astounding result to share with you.  We captured this particular photograph of the Agarkararian in action:

Ajit Agarkar in action
Ajit Agarkar in action

Using state of the art technologies, we managed to extrapolate this into a 3D anatomical diagram. What we found was shocking.

Agarkarotomy - Shocking Revalations
Agarkarotomy - Shocking Revelations

What stuns us most is the lack of further details. The current technology that Man has is not enough to investigate this creature. Here is the little details we know:

1.  The Agarkarian Brain is divided into 2 sections. Just 2. The  beauty of this is in its simplicity and intent , a clear indication of what survival and flourishing actually means.

2. Little is known about the reproductive area – other than the fact that it is clearly radioactive.

3. The Agarkararian specimen does not have any heart, any emotions.