lets get it on!! 2 of the blog readers decided that to announce WAR against the other’s team.  PRAFS live, breathes  and eats Mumbai Indians.  Kanda has dreams about Chennai Super Kings. They both decided to trash-talk the other team – old school!!

Prafs goes ballistic  against CSK:

alright whistle podus, are you game for the Mumbai Indians today?

must be overjoyed with the skipper’s return, eh?
so that he can carry the rest of the batting order piggyback.
you’ll need him to save face for your test middle order

hayden ought to keep the mongoose in the dug out today, wont be much help against zak n malinga

does raina even know there are another parts of the ground apart from midwicket?

can albie even hit a beach ball?

do i even need to tell you how much pain we gonna bring with the batting?

apart from murali, the rest is just buffet bowling.. that’s saying it lightly.

the fieliding is a piece of joke, does anyone even want to be on the field?

looks like you guys gonna stay on the wrong half of the table

Kanda announces war against MI:

Mumbai Indians.. oh man!!! The team name itself sucks big time. I have not seen a worser name than this, even my team super kings(yuck) is far better than Indians. I don’t know what’s so Indian about Mumbai. I hope they change the name as soon as possible.

The costliest team of oldies got fucked for the last two years and to kicked out again they spent a huge fortune for a WestIndian and it seems they will not see the return they were looking for this year also.

Once the oldie ST who is standing after put together with various bandages and stitches gets out they don’t have anyone to stand up for them. Today Murali with big eyes going to terrorize the hell out of the kids who are playing with the grandpa in MI. The agriculturist, butter finger and Dhawan are going to feel the heat from him.

Oh man Hayden and mongoose are waiting for the slinger and dart thrower. Once he takes care of them raina is waiting to make mince meat of the west Indians who strutting their stuff here.

Come on Super Kings take MI to the gutter of Dharavi.. Hail… Chennai!!!!!

Waste no more time kids! Onto the comments section!!