Chennai Super Kings Vs Delhi Daredevils

Form Chart



Bowl-O-Meter CSK vs DD
Bowl-O-Meter CSK vs DD


After getting a beatdown in the hands of Mumbai, it’s back to the drawing board for Delhi. Nannes didn’t provide the breakthroughs, but he’s the best they have for now. Nehra’s still out injured.  Big Roof Maharoof did take 2 wickets , but gave away 50 runs. He’s going to take a seat in this one, and Viru/ Dilshan might have to contribute some of the overs. Surely, they can cover that. Sangwan, Ladda and Mishra must all do better this time at home against Chennai, and I think they might  be able to improve, against a batting line-up searching for form, and without their talismanic captain and chief destructor.

Maharoof sits out, and Salvi comes in.


The bowlers bounced back in style against Kolkata, with all the key bowlers picking up a wicket. Inconsistency is what eats CSK  up. One day, Albie shows why  he can be dangerous, and on the next, he looks pedestrian. Despite Murali’s success in the last game, I am still not convinced about his form right now. Ashwin has been quite decent, and Balaji was OK in the previous game, but suffers from Morkelitis too in terms of inconsistency.  Gony was a tad unlucky in the previous game, but did enough to retain his place.

Most importantly, Dhoni adds tonnes to a bowler’s confidence. His bowling changes  and use of the bowlers is a huge piece of his repertoire.

No Changes expected.


Bat-O-Meter CSK vs DD
Bat-O-Meter CSK vs DD


The best batting line up on paper still have produced only in pulses. Gambhir isn’t available, but Warner comes in, and we all know that he has the ability. Dilshan and AB have to stick around to be at their consistent best, even if they are cautious for 2-3 overs. All of a sudden, you have 5 top class batsmen, but only 1 is in his destructive best.  Atleast 3  have to get consistent for Delhi, and fresh blood in the form of Warner might just be the medicine the ailing batting needs.

I also think that Rajat Bhatia comes in the place of Mithun Manhas, to provide the Delhi middle order with some experience, and an additional bowling option.

Warner in for Gambhir, and Bhatia for Manhas.


The fans of the CSK clan won’t be happy to know that their skipper, warrior, in-form batsman and soul of the team all rolled into 1 is not available for 10 days.  Raina, who hasn’t been in good nick himself, takes over additional captaincy responsibilities.  Parthiv Patel will come in and open with Hayden, and both must produce. Vijay gets pushed down the order , with Raina and Badri following him. Of the lot, only Badri has got 1 good score, and let’s make it clear that he is no Dhoni.  Raina has the ability, but how will he handle it? There is a line of thought that CSK might want to bolster a batting line-up in search of form and perhaps bring in a player like Perera in , but  it’s tough to replace any of the non-Indian players right now.

Parthiv in for Dhoni

Likely Line-ups

DD: Sehwag, Warner, Dilshan, AB, Karthik, Bhatia, Mishra,  Nannes, Ladda, Sangwan , Salvi

Parthiv, Hayden, Vijay, Raina, Badrinath, Kemp, Morkel, Ashwin, Balaji, Murali, Gony


CSK Bowling vs Delhi Batting: EVEN

CSK bowling is showing signs of form, while the Delhi batting line up has all the potential. It has been far too long now, and  the overseas stars of Delhi , namely Dilshan and AB, will be itching to go.  Delhi should open with Viru and Warner, with AB coming in 1 down. I just get the feeling that Dilshan might be trying too hard, and pushing him town the order  for this game (No 4 or 5 ) might be a good idea , so that he doesn’t think too much and just go with the flow.

Accounting for Sehwag should be CSK’s big task right up front, and keeping him in check may not be a walk in the park.  Raina will have to think fast and get his field placements right, that will be the key to his bowlers success. Raina does not have a bowler who has proven that he can be banked upon (a la Nannes/Steyn/Zaheer) just yet. If Morkel doesn’t get it right in the first over, get Balaji in to take the pace off the ball, and hope to induce Viru into false strokes.

Delhi Bowling vs CSK Batting: EVEN

I know, I know. It’s a very tough call right now. Delhi’s main task will be to dismiss Hayden. Without Dhoni to pull the rear-guard acts, Chennai’s remaining batting line up will be under too much pressure. Opening the bowling with their 2 best bowlers, Nannes and Mishra might be an option.

From CSK’s view point, the top half of the batting line up looks too 1 paced . Without Hayden being in form, there was too much for Dhoni to do in both the games. They could do with a jolt. Promoting Kemp up the order might just shake things up a little and get Chennai to up the ante.


Both teams find themselves in similar situations, without their captains , who happened to be their lucky charms and run getters.  Now, more than the stand-in captains, I think the winner will be which team collectively responds better and helps their skipper DESPITE his inexperience to be the winner.

It’s a tough call right now, but with the experience of Hayden and Murali, Chennai might just pull this one off because of being slightly better knit as a team.