Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals

Haiku-ed Review

‘Got tricks..’, Tweeted Warne.
But the only trick we saw..
..came from Praveen’s Hat.

Special Mentions

RCB: Praveen Kumar and the RCB Bowling

When you hold an opposition to anything less than 120 in a T20 game, you figure you have a great chance of winning. So when the Bangalore bowlers restricted Rajasthan Royals to an abyssmal 92, I’d figure more than half the viewers would have switched off their TV sets and called it a night.

Such was the domination of the RCB bowling that  there were just 7 boundaries (5 fours and 2 sixes) in ALL of Rajasthan’s innings. In contrast, Pandey and Kallis each helped themselves to 7 boundaries (in addition to 1 six)!   The Royals batting was  treated to some juicy bouncers and rib cage stuff, and there simply wasn’t enough quality to stand up to it. With a host of domestic players in the line-up, going against the likes of Steyn would always be tough. What was surprising that they even struggled against Vinay and Praveen Kumar’s shorter deliveries.

Kumble took 3, but the moment of the day went to Praveen Kumar, who took the first hat-trick of IPL-3.

Rajasthan Royals: The whole team

For the champions of IPL-1, it has been a mighty fall. The absence of Watson, the loss of Jadeja and Tanvir took away 3 quality performers. If that wasn’t enough, Smith and Mascarenhas succumbed to injuries. Ohja, Asnodkar, JJ-Wala, Dogra have been marred by either poor quality, technique, choice of shot, loss of form, or all of the above. Shocking ineptitude.

With 92 to defend, there was not much the bowlers can be expected to do. But the failure to get even a single wicket opened a new can of worms about the bowling “attack” too.  Where will Warne go from here?

Don’t be surprised to see the Shetty sisters and Kundra-man suit up for the next game.