Form Chart

MI: W-
DD: W-W-


Bowl-O-Meter MI vs DD
Bowl-O-Meter MI vs DD

Delhi Daredevils

Tending towards “Balls of Steel”.

Delhi have managed to restrict both the teams they have played against (Rajasthan and Punjab) to the low 140s, while being quite successful taking wickets. Nannes is the main weapon here, with his incisive opening spell being the back-breaker for the opposition to gain any momentum. Maharoof and Sangwan have played around Nannes, and done pretty well in their restrictive role.  I liked what I saw out of Ladda from the last game, a little more than Mahesh, and Mishra has been pretty good.  Nannes can be relied upon to deliver his 4 overs,but  I think the rest can be put to a bit of pressure by an experienced batting line up.

Ladda and Sangwan don’t have the wealth of experience, possibly a crevice for the opposition to expand upon. If anything, Maharoof might sit out and Delhi might opt for Warner,but against what looks like a very long Mumbai batting line up, they might not opt for this option just yet, and Maharoof gets 1 more chance.

No Changes here.

Mumbai Indians

Tending towards “Life is like a box of chocolates”.

Now though they look extremely bad in the last game they played,  they were subjected to a strong dose of Yusufite 500mg , which caused a diahorrea of runs.  This doesn’t happen every day, and in fact, it doesn’t happen every other day too. I personally don’t think it’s as bad as the scoreboard made it out to be.

Zaheer Khan and Malinga the lynchpins here. The possible absence of Bhajji doesn’t bode too well for MI (latest reports say that he should be fit for the game).

Mumbai needs to find 3-4 bowlers to fill up the remaining 8-9 overs.Mclaren and Satish got walloped, and I suspect that Mclaren might sit this one out for Bravo, who can be expected to provide a fair spell of 3-4 overs, and also bolster the talented but relatively inexperienced batting order.  Satish might get 1 more look.  It might also make some sense to sit Jayasuriya out and bring in Fernando to add a little more bite to the bowling, but I think it won’t happen yet.

Mortaza, the spinner, also got a lot of stick in the first game and he might find himself benched in favour of Kulkarni, JP Duminy or Abhishek Nayar. If one of  JP or Abhishek Nayar is chosen, the MI batting line up might look very long indeed!

2 changes expected – Mclaren for Bravo , and Mortaza for JP Duminy (less likely that it is Nayar). Strangely , both the bowling related changes add more strength to their batting, but that’s how it is I guess!


Bat-O-Meter MI vs DD
Bat-O-Meter MI vs DD

Delhi Daredevils

Tending towards the legendary “You had me at hello…”.

Now, now. It might look I am jumping the gun a bit here, but one can’t argue with results and class.Delhi have normally lived up to their favourites billing all the time, so far but faltered in the SF stages. They look like a complete squad , with a ferocious batting line up . Both the Sholay brothers Gambhir and Viru have gotten a score in the last 2 games. Dilshan and AB haven’t looked great, but it should be a matter of time. What’s incredible about their batting line up is that the top 4 are very complete batsmen for any type of bowling and any situation. The same cannot be said about many of the other teams. Warner, who’s sitting in the dug-out cooling his heels could have started for just about any other team in the tournament. Karthik and Manhas have been quite adequate in their roles.

No changes are anticipated for now.

Mumbai Indians

A little past ” Life is a box of Chocolates….”

Just like one has the tendency to underrate the Mumbai bowling, one can over-rate the Mumbai batting. Don’t get me wrong, the potential is there, LOADS of it. But let’s break it down a little more.

The Old warriors Sachin and Jayasuriya haven’t been firing yet, and if you take the last 2 editions into account, there haven’t been too many such cases. But they will stick on for a bit, and Pollard might have to wait till the next game to get his IPL debut.

The middle order of Rayudu and Tiwary played really well, and I predict that Bravo will come in place of Mclaren to add some versatility to the batting line up.

On the whole, it looks really strong, but I’d like to see it all come together before annointing them the Gods of Runmaking.

Likey Line-ups

DD: Gambhir, Viru, Dilshan, AB, Karthik, Manhas,Mishra, Ladda, Maharoof,  Nannes, Sangwan

MI: Sachin, Jayasuriya, Rayudu, Tiwary, Bravo, Duminy ,Tare, Satish, Bhajji, Khan, Malinga


Mumbai Bowling vs Delhi Batting: ADVANTAGE DELHI

Look, I love Lasith in this format, I think Bhajji can be dangerous. To top that, you’ve got Zaheer , who can bowl a tight opening spell, and possibly Bravo , Nayar, and Satish(who, despite getting hammered in that 1 over by Yusuf, is quite decent).

For the Mumbai bowling, Lasith is the wild card here. They need to game plan in such a way that the relatively softer middle order is left exposed to a majority of Lasith’s overs.  He has the ability to take wickets in a hurry and really get the momentum going. Perhaps Sachin can take a gamble and open the bowling with Zaheer and Jayasuriya/Satish, and see keep Lasith between overs 6-12 for a start.

That said, it’s a toughie. Dilshan won’t be too happy getting consequetive 0s , and will want to make amends.

Delhi Bowling vs Mumbai Batting: EVEN

Nannes is in red hot form right now, and it’s going to take all the experience of Sachin to see Mumbai through the opening spell. That’s easier said than done , since sachin has strangely not performed too well in the T20 format. Mishra has been quite good coming in and bowling his leg spin in the middle overs. Nehra would have added even more bite to the bowling , but he’s out injured.

Though the youngsters played really well, and there’s possibly Bravo , Nayar, Tare , Satish to extend the batting line up all the way down,  I’d still call it even right now, purely because of the rhythm that the  Delhi bowling are in vs the combination of lack of experience of the Mumbai middle order and the fact that it may take a game for the newcomers to get aclimatized to the conditions here.


This should be an evenly contested match but in a strange twist, Mumbai takes this one and announces itself as the top dog for this edition.

I hope to have an Live open thread running during the game. Do check in by 7:45 pm IST and start spewing your venom !!!