Match 1: Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab

Haiku’ed Review

Run showers last night
Bops, Jacque , Robin are Rain Gods
Whiskey ruled Tandoor

Special Mentions

KXI Punjab: Bisla and Chawla
We all know what Bopara was capable of , but what about Bisla starting it all out in grand manner? Any balls with some width and short of length were punished brutally.
At a time when Kallis and Uthappa were blazing away, Chawla still commanded some respect.

RC Bangalore: Uthappa.
Kallis is just class, but we at MTJAG believe that Uthappa’s awe-inspiring assault on Slappedsanth in his murderous innings of 51 lay the platform for the win.  Every shot that uthappa corked up was a treat to watch!

Match 2 : Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Haiku’ed Review:

MSD unleashed
KKR’s batting exposed
“Ouch!”, shout Dada’s gang.

Special Mentions

KKR: Dada

All of a sudden, the openers were gone and the middle order crumbled under the pressure of some disciplined bowling. At the centre of all this was Saurav, and in a not so good way. He prodded around for 20 deliveries , scoring only 11, and indirectly mounted a lot of pressure on the others – especially Saha. Strangely, Dada needs to justify his place in the team as a batsman first, a situation he has been in before.

CSK: MSD ,  Badri, CSK Bowling

When Raina fell in the 9th over with the scoreboard reading 53, it looked like CSK were setting themselves up for a very poor score. Out walks the captain, who took complete command of the game, and transformed the scorecard. He stuck around and then played some audacious shots that he is known for. A wicket at that point would have really slowed things down, but fortunately,  Badri realized that, played his part and  gave some able support to MSD.

The bowling attack for CSK deserves a mention too. Morkel and Gony took early breakthroughs, and all the main bowlers took a wicket atleast. Balaji bowled an irritating line and that paid dividends. Consistency is the key now.