With Liverpool majestically exiting the Champions League, Rafa and his band of injured and disappointed footballers will feel the pressure at home from the fans and the owners alike. There has been enough Rafa bashing in our blogs and I would not like to continue on that, as there is no point. Where is the saviour, Aquiliani? He played precisely 1 minute and 25 seconds replacing Gerrard.

The Liverpool Managing Director coming out bravely and suggested that Rafa’s job is safe. Winning the premier league from this stage would be a mammoth exercise for this team, unless they reinforce bigtime in the January window. But still that would need a top team like Chelsea or maybe Manchester United losing points. And for anymore losses in the premier league, the fans are going to get onto Rafa’s nerves. The door to Madrid is always open and it might be sooner than expected for him.

Liverpool can get dragged onto Europa League and that might spell further trouble to the League aspirations. Liverpool honestly doesn’t look like having a quality bench which can help them fight it out in 2 tournaments.  Amen.

So after the 5th round of matches for half the groups, Fiorentina follow Lyon from Group E and Arsenal qualified from Group H.