*Statutory Warning : This shit’s pretty long. Read it if you’re obsessed like us, and jobless like us too. Secondly – all image resolutions are pretty bad. Refer to the tables.

The series may be over now, but the argument is not. Many people have been left with burnt pockets in their trousers, a sour taste in their mouth, and a big pain in the arse, in no small feat thanks to Ricky P and his band of merry men. However, the question that still remained in our minds like an evil stain in a poorly cleaned commode is this:

Does Sachin NOT cross the finish line for India when it matters?

Not wanting to be left out of the action, Stat Turd sprung into life. After freekicker’s last post about centuries, we decided to break down, analyze, ponder and compare Sachin’s contributions to team India’s games when he scores a big one. And who better to compare it with than The Punter himself, consistency par excellence, match-winner, captain of the all-conquering galactic kangaroos, Mr. Smooth lova…well you get the picture. I’m going to present more of insights, and a few quick pointers before we get into it:

1. We’re going to take a look at only the centuries. This, admittedly, is not the best way, but it sure does give us some insights which we will then cunningly extrapolate and make you believe what we want to.

2. Both are fantastic players, and MTJAG goes on to state here, that numbers are NOT everything.

Part 1 : Basics

If you’ve read this already, you’d know that: a. Sachin has 45 centuries to his credit

b. Ponting has 28

c. Sachin has 435 ODIs to his credit, ponting has 329.

d. India’s chances of victory when Sachin scores a century – 73%. Australia with Ponting doing the same: 85%

Ahh, Ponting seemingly has an edge here. But lets break this down a little bit more.

Part 2: Lightening Strikes First

I’m going to keep this portion simple for you. Conditions that we’ll look at:

1. Both players score centuries

2. Respective teams bat first

3. Respective teams win

"Lightning Strikes"
Batting First - Scoring Centuries


1. Very very similar stats, with Tendulkar having the SLIGHTEST of edges, when it comes to Average and strike rate.

2. Ponting is likely to score more centuries in victories batting first.

Ahh but you say this doesn’t show MUCH it? The fun’s in the Chase. How do these dudes play in a chase? We present to you:

Part 3: Chasing Skirts and SCORING!

Nothing like a satisfying chase and getting laid at the end of it all eh? Here’s where we’re going to make it a little more interesting.


1. Both players score centuries

2. Respective team Chases

3. Respective teams win

Additional data:

1. Team score

2. % contribution to team score

3. 2nd highest in team score

4. 3rd Highest in team score

Fun's in the Chase
Batting 2nd - Centuries - Winning


1. Again, comparable numbers on Runs and SR, but with Sachin having the slightest of edges

2. Look at the contribution there , 2nd and 3rd highest scores- significant differences now.

Intermediate conclusion

Here’s where the team concept comes into play:

1. Sachin’s team almost always seems to be chasing a MUCH higher score than ponting’s – by 38 runs.

2. Sachin’s contribution to his team score is almost 10% higher than Pontings

3. The 2nd and 3rd Highest scores of their respective teams in run chases tell yet another story .

Ponting’s team members are better contributors. Basically, Sachin has a little more hard work than Ponting if India and Australia are dudes waiting to get laid. Ponting’s friends are a little more helpful too. But how about when they DON’T get laid? That’s all that matters doesn’t it? That will outline the difference between the MAN and the wannabe.

Part 4: Chasing skirts and ending up Using hand

This is where one’s left with nothing else at the end of it all, other than well.. you know.


1. Both players score centuries

2. Respective teams lose

3. It could be batting 1st or 2nd, but we’ve made a distinction

3. Parameters of team outputs also considered

Sinking Ship
Sachin and Ponting : Centuries for lost causes


1. All 4 of Ponting’s lost cause centuries have come batting 1st.

2. When batting 1st, Ponting’s Average, SR seem to be better than Sachin’s.

3. When Chasing – we’re going to compare Sachin II with Sachin I since Ponting’s got no load, Sachin’s India seem to be chasing scores in excess of 300. Additionally his team’s 2nd biggest contribution falls even lower now .

Intermediate Conclusion:

1. Point 3 Above is very important. Compare the 2nd and 3rd biggest contributions India when batting 2nd to themselves when batting 1st or in victory. 47 is quite a significant drop from 62.

Part 5: Manner of Rejection

When you do get rejected by a chick, the nerd in you wants a feedback. Where did I go wrong? Did you not like the coconut oil ? Was I coming on too strong? Such is the case here too. A quick comparison between the 2 squads in defeat- how they lose when their stars score the biggies:

Defeat tastes Sour
Manner of Defeat


1. All 4 of the Kangaroo defeats with Ponting scoring a century are actually somewhat close/respectable.

2. 8 out of 13 games where Sachin’s scored a century in a losing cause have been rendered meaningless – i.e India Lost pretty big or it didn’t matter (abandoned)

*note: 1 of Sachin’s century above came in the Desert Storm cup – against Australia where he got India through to the finals to face them again. I think we know what he did next.

Intermediate Conclusion

1. Here’s where the other aspect of the team – the bowling matters. Australia’s closer defeats than India implies that the Australian bowling actually made a match of it more often than not, while the Indian bowlers decided to suck.

Final Thoughts

We believe that the average reader of MTJAG has an IQ greater than the 2 of us put together to see the story behind the stats.  To state the obvious , there are points that prove that Sachin’s team mates perform at a lower level than  Ponting’s respective team-mates  (especially in defeats), which leaves Sachin to do a whole lot more.

But if you leave aside all the stats for a minute, there’s a human element to it all. There’s a tendency to believe that it’s the scores in the really big games that the player puts up which really matter.  Even better if it’s a chase isn’t it? Truly taking your team to victory in style. Well , consider these points:

1. Australia has been to 4 world cup finals with Sachin around, India 1.

2. It’s generally a little tougher to score Centuries while chasing than while you’re setting a target. Ponting has 8 centuries when chasing vs 16 when setting a target.  Sachin has scored 18 when batting first and 14 when India chased.   Seems like Sachin can handle that pressure of helping chase.

3. In the 4 world cup finals Australia played in, they won 3 (1999, 2003, 2007). In the 4 world cup finals (1996, 99, 2003, 2007), they only chased once , in 1999, where the chase wasn’t much. In the 3 other situations, they batted 1st. Ponting duly got 1 big century against India in that game.

4. Sachin hasn’t had opportunities to get into that many finals. They got close in 1996, when the famous Eden gardens episode took place in the semis. They got close again in 2003, when India embarrassed themselves in the finals. But make no mistake about it.  There have been quite some skewed performances in the past. The reason why India even made it to those stages, despite sub-par performances from more than half the team: SACHIN TENDULKAR.