Meat never tasted so effing good.
Meat never tasted so effing good.

There can be no to ways about it.

Sehwag is a friggin bear-man. Nothing else needs to be said about him. He feasts on opening bowlers for breakfast, spinners for lunch, and part-timers for dinner. He once had a one-night stand which lasted 2 weeks.

In the ongoing CL, he decided announce his return to form treating the Wayamba side like an evil red-headed stepchild.  His 66 off 42 deliveries strangely contained only 1 six, which comes as a bit of a surprise, as we’ll shortly see. What was even more worriesome for opposition in future is that he’s equally agressive along the ground. Some of his strokes, especially the wristy on-side ones are turning out to be things of beauty.

Oh, and about that one 6, sample this from a recent cricinfo interview:

Once Gary Kirsten asked me, “What would you do if there is a long-off, long-on and deep midwicket?” I asked, “Gary sir, do fielders matter to me?

Enough said.  Let’s clear the damn ropes next time. Bowlers, say your prayers.

On the other hand, the way Ross Taylor goes about abusing and molesting the opposition bowlers is reaching near censorship levels. Just to prove last game wasn’t a fluke, he did it again today. In the last over of the innings, Taylor decided to go apeshit on Otago. If there’s such a thing called painfully beautiful, this must have been it. Taylor proceeded to decleat Butler first. After 3 deliveries , Butler decided that he had enough of this, and came off with an injury (injured pride perhaps). Poor McSkimming wasn’t spared either, with Taylor pulling off 3 incredible hits, especially one which he almost swept for six just a few inches of the ground.  Dude’s blessed with extreme quickness of hand and field awareness.

When these 2 predators are on, it can really get ugly, in a good way.