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Announcement: We’re moving to greater heights guys. We’re dealing with the big boys.Quoted from rediff, Dhoni is said to have said the following:

One reason Australia is so strong is that their bowlers, like Mitchell Johnson and Brett Lee , can all bat a bit”

Oh yeah, admit it Milkyboy, you  read MTJAG, don’t you?You can’t get enough of our “in-depth” coverage and “insights”. You’re so in love with deeply respectful of the writers. Here’s proof for the rest of you non-believers.

From the archives of MTJAG when we previewed the Kangaroos before the CT:

The 8.5 has been given to them not because of the explosiveness, but simply because of the length of the batting line up and consistency. Johnson is a very underrated batsman, and even Lee and Hauritz  can be counted on to contribute10-20 crucial runs.

Wooooo Hooo!! Take that  rest of you cricketing blogosphere! 🙂 Next stop: getting into Obama’s favorites list.

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