In-game observations:

1. Yousuf is just a freak of nature. He makes it a point to be a thorn on india’s arse. Every. Friggin. Time.

2. Malik reaches his century. What an innings.

3. Tell me again why Bhajji is so highly rated?! The dude’s an embarassment to the term “strike bowler”. Perhaps we should go on strike when he comes on to bowl.

4. There goes Sachin. It never looked like his day. Just don’t know why. Started with that pathetic dive to save a 4.

5. Gambhir’s good. Really good on his day. 60+ score.

6. Promote yourself up the order when it’s easy meat. Come at No. 5 and f-up when the going’s tough. Thanks Dhoni.

7. Someone tell Aamer that he should be fielding it,and not going for the catch when it’s a free hit. That is just kintergarden stuff.

8. Dravid’s got 54 now, but still doesn’t look too comfortable out there. And he’s taken 81 balls?!

9. Raina departs. Tough call that. Raina was a freak on the loose. Big blow. I ‘m still waiting for a big Yousuf Pathan innings outside of a T20 game.

10. 94 from 83 required. 40 run loss for India right now. 11. Hah! Yusuf pathan trying a conventional shot. We’re blessed today. What next? Sachin comes out as a streaker?

12. Dravid’s best looking shots go straight to the fielder. His worst edges go into the gaps.

13. Will Shastri stop starting every 2nd line of his by saying ” what this has done for them is that …..” ?!?!!

14. And there goes Pathan. Fat lady’s warming up her vocal cords.

15. Ironies of life. Dravid lived a charmed life, ran out Gambhir a bit, and almost ran out a couple of others. Bhajji contributes his only wicket – that of dravid’s.

16. RP and Bhajji looking foolish. But then Bhajji always does.

17. RP ends his misery, and the viewers too. Ha!!! I wonder what Bhajji’s telling Ishant! Perhaps asking him if he prepared “Gary” style? 18. Oops, apparently not 🙂 . Good night folks.

Post-mortem up tomorrow.