The preview of the big game has already been put up by my good friend.  Read it. Absorb it. Digest it.

What do I feel personally?  Frankly, I don’t give a $hit.  I hate both the teams. I hate The Manures and I hate the Manchis .  I respect the  Manures sometimes for their never-say-die spirit. I hate them otherwise. I loved them for introducing me to The King. I loved that man (no really, like an enormous man-crush on him).  I hate them otherwise.   Sir Alex and his croonies from  Boytoy CR7 (we thankfully don’t have to see his face tomorrow), And-her-son,  Paul  let-me-break-your-leg-and-get-a-second-yellow-since-I-can’t-tackle Scholes,  the list is endless.

And on the other side,  Man-Chis. Really?  Their manager’s trying to buy his way to a premiership title, getting OMG  Adabayor, OMG Tevez, OMFG Toure, OMG  Berry in the process. Good luck with that.

I can’t stand the sight of both the bosses having their girly-fights  in the media and comparing who’s daddy’s strongest.  Give us a break  .

However, since it’s guess we must, here’s what I think:

11 Man U + 11 Man C + 1 Old Trafford + 50K fans + 1 Pissed off Sir Alex +3  Refs  =

"This is gonna hurt just a bit... welcome to Old trafford."
"This is gonna hurt just a bit lad... welcome to Old trafford."