Looks like other than the names of the two teams who played the big game , we practically got everything else wrong about the game!

First, the “big” storyline of the game. Upon looking at the pitiful performance of Eto’o and Zlatan, fans of both teams must be thanking the good lord above on what they offloaded, but continue to breathe uneasy about what they ended up with. It must have felt like exchanging a super tight underwear for another with holes all over- You either feel suffocated or underprotected.

Ibrahamovic hammed his way in front of the goal ,not once, not twice, but 3 excruciating times. Xavi, who was quite brilliant all night , must have been left wondering if he had stolen Ibra’s lunchbox as a kid that the Swede woefully wasted the chances that he created from midfield. The first touch control was there, but two of those chances were off targets. For the green that Ibra is being paid, for all of Xavi’s creativity, and finally for all of his own talents, he must make the keeper atleast attempt the save.

Eto’o , on the other hand, was MIA. No, not the famous Sri Lankan rapper of the Paper Planes fame, but just completely , absolutely MIA.  Inter could have probably filed a case with the police to locate him on the pitch, and still been unsuccessful.  The Barca defense did a good job of containing him and making him play less deeper in the box than what usually makes him effective.  In the end, it was left Sneijder with a couple of feeble long shots, and the industrious Milito with a an attempt here or there to match Barca’s attacking intents.

Messi had one of his usual “not-So-interested” shows, putting on a few nifty moves on the defenders, attempting a couple of shots, missing a sitter too in the process.

The return leg hopefully is one with a result. If Inter are to have a chance, they need to add some invention in their midfield, where outside of Sneijder, one would find it tough to even name or spot an Inter player.  Barca, with Iniesta hopefully fit by then , would have the edge, but must solve the Ibra puzzle by then. So many chances cannot go wasted.

Final Result:  0-0

In other games :  We atleast got the results of the Arsenal and Liverpool games right, even though both teams looked quite inept. With Complan boy Kuyt getting onto the scoreboard with a trademark scrappy goal, Liverpool were saved the blushes at home. Arsenal found themselves 2-0 down, before crawling back up for the winner. Eduardo  decided to show his football IQ to the world by backheeling to the wrong dude in his own penalty box, leading to their first goal conceded. Fortunately, he managed to redeem himself with the Winning goal.  More on that later.